Present a workshop at MBLGTACC

Presenting at MBLGTACC can be an enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding experience. Workshop sessions are the heart of the conference, bringing together students and higher ed pros from across the Midwest to learn and grow through the knowledge and experiences of their peers and mentors.

More information will be available, and workshop submissions will be open, starting in April 2024.

Resources for aspiring presenters

So you’ve got a great idea for a workshop or discussion at MBLGTACC... now what? It's a great time for you to do some brainstorming. Read our helpful guide to learn more, (re)watch our livechat, and view workshops in past conference programs.

Keynote or perform

Over its 32 year history, MBLGTACC has become a destination for acclaimed entertainers, activists, and thought leaders, including Kate Borenstein, J Mace III, Chely Wright, Janet Mock, Jujubee, and others. From the very beginning, conference organizers sought to create an oasis in what Justin Connor (MBLGCC ‘94) says was seen as “a queer desert.”

MBLGTACC has also given a platform for countless local and regional leaders and performers. Much of this success is the product of rich ties to our communities around the Midwest, and we're excited to expand our circles.

If you or someone you represent would like to learn more about keynoting or performing, reach out to us.


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