Watch the recording of our Q&A for aspiring presenters

On April 17, 2023, conference planners presented a live chat and Q&A to help demystify the process of designing and submitting a workshop for consideration. Conference planners answered questions to support aspiring presenters in bringing their workshop ideas to life.

Plus, check out our guide for more tips on how to conceptualize your workshop, read descriptions of our workshop tracks, view the full conference schedule, or contact us with additional questions.


How many workshops can one submit?

The limit does not exist! Keep in mind, there are four time blocks where workshops will be scheduled so conference planners will not accept more than 4 sessions per presenter. We encourage you to mind your own energy and capacity as you consider how many proposals you wish to submit.

What is the anticipated number of conference attendees?

We expect 1,200-1,800 attendees at MBLGTACC this year. Historically, each workshop session had an audience of 75-120 attendees.

Who is the target audience? Is it mostly students or will there be staff and/or faculty there as well?

We expect 92-95% of attendees to be students. There are certainly staff, faculty and community members who attend MBLGTACC, too. If you’re submitting a proposal for the Advisor track, you can expect more faculty and staff in your audience.

When developing the scaffolding of the workshop, should we think “for us, by us” or more educational?

MBLGTACC is designed as a “for us, by us” experience. Depending on your specific topic, you can generally assume that your audience has a basic, foundational knowledge and skip or abbreviate the "101" content. Certainly each workshop is different and some content may require more context setting at the beginning of your session.

Will the sessions be recorded for future playback?

No, workshops are presented in person and we will not have the capacity to record sessions.

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