How to conceptualize an MBLGTACC workshop

Photo by Maddie Schroeder for Walt Middleton Photo
Photo by Maddie Schroeder for Walt Middleton Photo

So you’ve attended MBLGTACC and you’ve got a great idea for a what?

Write everything down.

The hype and energy from a conference weekend slows down the longer we’ve spent back in cisheteronormative surroundings. Try to capture some bullet points about your big idea while it’s still fresh. On a napkin, in your MBLGTACC program booklet, or in a blank document for you to revisit later. 

Self-reflect and consider co-presenters.

Consider why (and if) you’re qualified to present on your idea. Lived experiences and previous presentation or research experience make someone a strong candidate to present on topics that are important to them. Consider who is in your network that could help round out the perspectives offered in your workshop and connect with them early about a potential collaboration. 

Think about the audience.

What are the most pressing and relevant topics that impact Midwest queer and trans youth on college campuses and in what ways can your presentation idea tie to those issues? You can view many of our previous conference programs to see what workshops have been presented in the past plus examples of their titles and descriptions. 

Stay connected and be prepared.

Our call for workshop proposals to be presented at MBLGTACC 2023 are due to open in April. Follow MBLGTACC on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to get the latest updates on registration, workshop submissions and announcements about next year’s conference. Wanna run an idea by our team? Contact us or email 

Map out your idea and get a head start on your submission!

Our submission form includes similar questions each year and completing this brainstorming table will make filling out a submission in April so much easier.

To map out your idea, try using this template:

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