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MBLGTACC planners and the Institute are committed to the accessibility of the conference for all attendees. We're being proactive in engaging our partners around accessibility and in sharing with you the information you need to know about these preparations in order to make informed decisions.

What to know about accessibility at MBLGTACC

Animals at MBLGTACC

Service animals

Service animals are welcome at MBLGTACC. The ADA defines a service animal as “any animal that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability.” Were the animal not readily apparent as a service animal, staff at the conference may ask the individual if the animal helps to mitigate a disability and what tasks the animal has been trained to perform.

Emotional support animals

MBLGTACC recognizes that ESAs serve an important role in many individual’s lives; however, per venue policy, ESAs are not permitted in the venue.

Auditory accessibility

There will be CART interpretation for all plenary sessions. If you arean attendee who is d/Deaf or hard of hearing, we invite and encourage you to request CART and/or ASL interpreters to accompany you to some or all of the workshops you’ll be attending. To do this, please make your specific request through the registration form, and a member of our team will follow-up with you. In addition to interpreter services, we have required all presenters to use live auto captions through GoogleSlides if they are using a slideshow.

Mobility accessibility

Spaces for all workshops, identity forums, and keynotes will be held in ADA compliant spaces with amply room to accommodate the traffic peaks during session transitions. All sessions will beheld in close proximity and transition time will be allowed in the schedule. We ask all attendees who can use the stairs to do so—this will allow those who need to use elevators to do so with a minimum of disruptions, crowding, and wait times. Please help us keep at least 36” aisles free in common spaces.

Quiet spaces

Visit our quiet space. Ear plugs will be available in the quiet space during these hours, and at the conference info desk while supplies last.

Scents and scented products

To keep shared spaces suitable for those with scent sensitivities, we ask attendees to use scent-free products or limit/forego the excessive use of scented hygiene products while at the conference. Please use the fragrance-free hand soap provided in the restrooms and fragrance-free hand sanitizer in common spaces.

Visual accessibility

All presenters receive information on accessible color, contrast, and text size for their materials. Large-print programs will be available for all on-site attendees who registered prior to the registration deadline and opted to receive one. There may be a limited number produced for on-site registrants.

Frequently asked questions

We'll continue to add questions based on feedback. Is there more info we should include? Let us know.

  • What are the conference's COVID mitigation strategies? See our dedicated health and safety page for details.

  • Will you require a doctor's note or other proof of disability? No. We encourage you to make your specific accommodations request through registration as soon as possible.

  • Where can I find information about accessibility in the host hotel? Good question! We highly recommend you review the websites of the hotels. A list of conference hotel partners is listed on the hotels and parking page.

  • Who can I contact with questions or for information not listed here? You may email us with accessibility questions or concerns. Once you’ve registered for the conference, we will work with you individually based on your requested accommodations. We encourage you to make your specific accommodations request through registration.

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