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What COVID-19 precautions will there be at MBLGTACC?

We continue to look to findings and recommendations of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and will follow guidelines for the conference based in science that help protect our community.

For nearly every person, getting vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 is the single-most effective means of protecting oneself and preventing severe illness and death from the disease. The MBLGTACC 2023 planning team and the Institute give our highest and most emphatic recommendation that people attending in person be fully vaccinated and up to date with the latest bivalent booster unless advised otherwise by their doctor. We are very encouraged by the reality that so many MBLGTACC attendees come from institutions and communities already covered by vaccine and booster requirements.

We may expect attendees to wear masks, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status, and follow common social distancing measures in indoor conference spaces. We'll communicate a final determination with attendees and partners based on public health conditions in early October.

Finally, it is highly recommended that attendees receive a COVID-19 test before and five days after attending the conference to help keep yourselves and others safe.

If you’re being sponsored by an institution, you may also be subject to their guidelines, including possible vaccine mandates for university-sponsored travel. Consult your local institution to learn about their requirements.

How will I be notified in the event of a COVID-19 exposure at MBLGTACC?

We ask that any attendees who are diagnosed with COVID-19 during or after the conference notify us immediately at so that we may begin the contact tracing process. Contact information for all attendees will be kept on file so that we may notify you in the event of an exposure.

It is highly recommended that attendees receive a COVID-19 test before and five days after attending the conference to help keep yourselves and others safe.

How can I safely interact with other attendees?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the disparities faced by our most marginalized communities, and as such, it is important to remember that everyone has a different comfort level for their own safety and health. We ask that all attendees be respectful of each others’ boundaries and prioritize the safety of others.

We may ask that all attendees maintain appropriate social distancing and wear a mask, unless actively eating or drinking. In the event that an attendee chooses to engage in sexual activities during conference weekend, we also recommend checking out the NYC Guide to Safer Sex and COVID-19. And don’t forget about normal safe sex practices, and that consent is given enthusiastically and continuously.

What if I have symptoms or a positive test before MBLGTACC?

For the safety of all attendees, students, and staff, please do not come to MBLGTACC if you have received a positive COVID-19 test result or have potential COVID-19 symptoms. If you have paid for your registration and are no longer able to attend due to COVID-19, please reach out to us.

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