MBLGTACC, Institute, Morton honored by ACPA

The Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity and Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Asexual College Conference (MBLGTACC) have been recognized for their work by ACPA, an international association of college and university educators and professionals. The Institute received the Petey Peterson Public Service Award for the conference's "significant contribution to supporting and advancing LGBTQ awareness for a generation of students, higher education professionals, and community members."

The honor is also personal to the conference and past organizers—The award's namesake, Petey Peterson, planned MBLGTACC in 2012.

"The evolution of our contemporary work was made possible by the dedication and attention of Petey and others deeply invested in creating sustainable, meaningful experiences for LGBTQ+ college students in the Midwest and for higher education professionals," said R.B. Brooks, the Institute's director of strategy and impact.

The Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity continues to build on the 33 year legacy of Peterson and LGBTQ+ college students and those who support them curating intentional, educational space for our communities.

"These third spaces break the mold and showcase that there are different and exciting possibilities we can tap into for generating knowledge, sharing skills, and combating institutional oppressions," Brooks added. "Often deemed 'flyover country' the Midwest is not looked at as a possibility model for systems change, gender justice, and sexual liberation. We know better."

The Institute was recognized with the Peterson award alongside Jesse Beal, director at the University of Michigan's Spectrum Center. Tristan Morton, associate director at Michigan's Spectrum Center—who serves as the Institute's director of community and accountability—also received the Dr. Sheltreese D. McCoy Advocacy Award, for zir dedication to "cultivating joy and advocating for marginalized communities to make campus a more just, inclusive place to learn and grow."

The awards were publicly announced by ACPA’s Coalition for Sexuality and Gender Identities at the association’s recent annual conference in Chicago, Illinois.

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