New podcast episode highlights MBLGTACC planners, what it takes, what we're learning

A new episode of the Take the Last Bite podcast hands the mic over MBLGTACC student planners Abby, Daleelah, and Lulu.

The 2022 conference will mark the 30th year that queer and trans+ college students and young adults from across the Midwest and beyond have gathered for what is now known as the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Asexual College Conference, or MBLGTACC. All three organizers have worked on programming for the event and talked a bit about the overall approach, using the theme as a tool to focus conversation, and what most excites them about the conference.

"When we talk about 'limitless,' I can personally talk about myself... We're navigating this college scene where we're afforded the chance to express ourselves in a way that we might have not been able to at home," Lulu said. "Here at Ohio State, here in the Midwest, away from where I grew up, it's almost like those options became limitless because I was able to branch out from what I knew and self-explore my identities, and also talk to people who have been through similar issues, and just thrive as a person."

Workshop sessions—the bread and butter of the conference—are organized into a handful of tracks. That's one helpful way attendees can use to guide their program choices on conference weekend. What's the best?

Well, for Abby, there's no question. "There are so many good lesbian workshops coming up. I was reading all the descriptions. They were so good."

"It was just so much fun to be able to talk about why I felt this workshop needed to be in the conference.... being able to hear everyone's ideas and, again, collaborate and get feedback," said Daleelah.

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