Step by Step Guide

Our step by step guide takes you chronologically through the process of getting from your community to Lexington this November.

Spring through early fall

Estimate your total cost of attendance and secure funding

There may be several options available for you to secure funding to attend MBLGTACC. 

  • Does your student government offer grants or funding to student organizations? 

  • Is there an LGBTQ+ resource center that can provide funding? 

  • Does your major’s department/college offer scholarships for conference attendance? 

  • Perhaps your dean of students or VP of student affairs has a conference travel assistance program. 

As part of your funding request, it may be helpful to highlight the educational benefits of attending MBLGTACC, as well as the resources available to attendees at the vendor fair and by networking with students from other institutions. 

To inform your funding request, we encourage you to get quotes for transportation and hotel accommodations, consider the cost of meals, and review registration costs.

Book your hotel

Conference attendees are responsible for booking their own hotel accommodations. The Hyatt Regency Lexington and Hilton Lexington/Downtown are offering a discounted group rate of $169/night for MBLGTACC 2023 attendees. We encourage attendees to reserve rooms at these hotels, as they are connected via skywalk to the Central Bank Center.

Discounted rates end October 3, 2023, so we encourage you to reserve rooms early. Note that in most cases, you won’t be required to pay until check-in and you can cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before your scheduled arrival.

Check with the department or organization that is sponsoring your conference attendance for support in booking a hotel if you do not have access to a debit or credit card to put on file. Please note that if you will not have the physical debit/credit card used for the reservation, most hotels require a credit card authorization form completed by the cardholder. So check with the hotel and your department/org sponsor to coordinate payment ahead of time. 

Please note, the group rate does not include taxes or fees. Please contact the hotel directly for more information about taxes and fees.

Plan and arrange your travel

Many groups opt to reserve campus vehicles or a charter bus to travel to MBLGTACC. Be sure to check out policies on your campus about reserving vehicles for use by student organizations. It can be helpful to get a quote from multiple bus companies to ensure you’re getting the best deal on travel.

If students from neighboring institutions are also attending MBLGTACC, consider reaching out to coordinate transportation. In the past, multiple groups have partnered to reserve one charter bus to get to MBLGTACC.

Determining when your group needs to depart in order to arrive on time for the conference. Keep a few things in mind when planning your travel to and from the conference: 

  • Frequency of rest and meal stops along the way

  • Do you have drivers for rented vehicles?

  • Is there a time change? Our region is split into Central and Eastern time zones 

  • You likely want to check into your hotel before checking into conference registration. Leave plenty of time for this so your group can drop their things and reset. 

  • Review the conference schedule regularly for any updates that impact your travel 

Coordinate a group sign-up with students from your school, college, or university

How to get the word out to your campus about attending the conference. 

  • Find relevant email lists in use at your school or college. (ask permission of list owners if needed)

  • Use existing social media channels

  • Word of mouth

  • Poster/flier templates

  • Get in touch with your resource center / multicultural center - can they help with communication or support at all?

What information to gather from students attending from your campus.

Here are some recommended questions to ask on a sign-up form for your campus’s students to make registration, travel and attendance simpler: 

  • Name and pronouns to be used in the space (keep in mind folks may want to try out different names & pronouns at the conference than what they use on campus)

  • Email (one they actually use)

  • Dietary restrictions 

  • Accessibility Requests (Ex: ASL interpreters, large print programs, etc)

    • In order to guarantee accommodations, accessibility requests should be submitted by October 3, 2023

  • Do they have a preference on who they room with in the hotel? 

  • If using rental cars, is this attendee eligible and willing to drive?

Register for the conference

Register your group for the conference and pay online or by mail. Entering the email addresses and names of your group members will generate an automatic email to them, prompting them to complete their registration preferences and individual detail.

Distribute trip info to your group or make sure they receive our emails

Everyone who is assigned to a ticket will automatically receive emails with updates from MBLGTACC. It may be helpful to set up a group chat (Discord, Slack, GroupMe, etc.) with your delegation to ensure you can share important information with everyone in your group.

Propose a workshop

Workshops proposals will be accepted from April 10 until May 22. To prepare a submission: 

  • Review the workshop track descriptions to understand our conference priorities 

  • Attend an FAQ livestream explaining the workshop process, what the review team is looking for and ask any questions about how to craft a quality submission (details on this will be provided as they become available) 

  • Check out previous conference programs to see what’s been accepted in the past 

Review the workshop submission form and start your submission(s) early!

Early October and conference weekend

Make your schedule for the weekend

Start building your schedule before you even arrive at the conference! You can start making the hard choice of what workshops and session you’ll attend by: 

  • Checking out the online version of the conference program, which will be made available by mid-October.

  • Reading through the workshop tracks covering topics/work that interest you 

  • Getting the latest conference information and updates as they are announced—sign up for email updates. And follow us on social media (@mblgtacc) to see even more about speakers, entertainers and presenters featured at the conference.

Arrive and check-in

Depending on your travel itinerary, you may choose to check in to your hotel first, or stop by the convention center to check in for the conference. Be sure to check out the conference schedule while planning your travel plans. Around noon on Friday, you’ll receive a notification that it’s time to check in for MBLGTACC. This is just like checking in for a flight before you get to the airport. You’ll have an opportunity to review your name and pronouns—and make any corrections—before we print your name badge. At the convention center, visit the registration/check-in desk to pick up your badge and a swag bag. Name badges will be sorted alphabetically, by last name, so be sure everyone in your group stops by to get their own badge.


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