Announcing the OPE monthly giving program to further advance queer success in the Midwest

The Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity is pleased to announce the launch of the OPE (Our Partners in Equity) Giving Program. A nod to our favorite Midwesternism, the OPE Giving Program is created to further advance queer success in the Midwest.

We know that queer and trans youth in the Midwest are more likely to experience “biased language, victimization, and anti-LGBTQ discriminatory school policies and practices” than in the Northeast or West (2017 GLSEN National School Climate Survey). Our commitment to building connections across the region and providing a sense of community plays a critical role in boosting health outcomes for queer and trans youth. 

The creation of the OPE Giving Program is a launchpad for new programs and initiatives that create more opportunities for queer and trans students to experience a sense of community, belonging, and empowerment. The fund will be a vital resource in an underfunded and overlooked region.

Join the OPE (Our Partners in Equity) Giving Program with a monthly donation and receive exclusive benefits:

To learn more or to join the OPE Giving Program, please visit:

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