Identity Forums

Identity Forums are designated spaces for communities to gather around similar or shared experiences.


Saturday, November 4
2:00 - 3:15 p.m EDT

Sunday, November 5
9:00 - 10:15 a.m. EST

List of identity forums

  • Bi and pan


  • Nonbinary, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming

  • Transgender

  • Asexual and aromantic

  • Lesbian and sapphic

  • Gay

  • Disabled and neurodivergent

  • Advisor Roundtable

  • Polyamory

  • Queer people of faith

See conference print program for location details.

What should I know or understand before entering an identity forum?

Identity Forums are designated spaces for communities to gather around similar or shared experiences. We strongly assert that only individuals who align with the identity centered in each space attend the forum. We will operate on a good faith system that attendees will select spaces in which they are not visitors or guests. As a reminder: identity forums are not ally spaces. Here are some general ideas and guidelines for forming your discussions in the identity forums:

  • Determine if one or two people are presenting workshops on the identity area and are available.

  • We acknowledge that to participate in the identity forums, we may be asking you to choose between multiple experiences. This is NOT to indicate that any of your experiences are more salient or important than others. Feel free to switch forums as needed, just be mindful of how you enter into spaces in progress.

  • Don’t spend the entire time going around doing introductions. Instead, have folks introduce themselves when they speak.

  • Be mindful of the space you’re consuming.

  • Be willing to break up your larger group into smaller clusters to talk about various topics or allow more folks to contribute.

  • Do not police or challenge folks’ identities in the space. If you have concerns about someone’s presence in a space, please connect with a conference volunteer or staff person.

  • Please refer to the Code for Inclusion for additional guidelines.

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