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5 things you need to know before coming to MBLGTACC

February 11, 2019

Photo by Josiah Mannion (MBLGTACC 2018)

Coming to MBLGTACC in Wichita? Attending a bustling conference in a new city can be a lot to handle, even for the experienced among us. To be sure you’re prepared for our 27th annual gathering, Beyond the Rainbow and to the Stars, we’ve assembled a list of the top five things you’ll need to know.

1. Your paid order gets you through the door

To be admitted to the conference, an attendee’s registration must be paid, or—less ideally—the registrant must provide proof that a college or university check has been sent by mail. Login to your account to see if your order has been paid »

2. Accessibility: making MBLGTACC a conference for all of us

MBLGTACC planners and the Institute are committed to the accessibility of the conference for all attendees. While most attendees disclosed their accessibility questions or requests during the registration process and before the January 11 deadline, we recognize that sometimes people make mistakes, register late, or things just come up. Let us know if you may need a last minute accommodation, and we’ll do what we can with the resources available. Contact: Brad Thomison (brad.thomison@wichita.edu), LGBTQ coordinator at Wichita State University.

3. Do NOT miss this keynote line-up

Jess Pettitt will welcome us on Friday, Pidgeon Pagonis and Nyle DiMarco will address attendees on Saturday, and janaya khan will close out the weekend. Learn more about conference keynotes and entertainment and dive-in to the digital copy of the printed program »

4. Think ahead about your parking and transportation needs

Free and paid parking options are available at and near the Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center. Wichita itself has active local transit Monday through Saturday, with limited Sunday service, and is surrounded by several major roadways and ready access to Amtrak (via Amtrak Bus Pickup) and Eisenhower National Airport. Plan ahead for your ground transportation needs »

5. MBLGTACC is social

Follow. Us. One of the ways we’ll share updates, last minute changes, or other news is through MBLGTACC’s Twitter and Facebook. Don’t miss this info! (And, for funsies, follow us on the ‘gram!)

And one special extra tip for those attendees traveling from warmer states... 6. Dress for the weather!

The Weather Channel is forecasting temperatures between 20-40 degrees Fahrenheit for Wichita during the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the conference. We recommend bringing a winter coat, gloves, hats, and other items you'll need to stay warm when you're outside. Being cold isn't a qute lewk.

Is there more information you think folks need to know? Send us a message at mblgtacc.org/contact or drop your Q into our DMs.

The Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Asexual College Conference (MBLGTACC), a program of the Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity, is America's largest and oldest continuously-running conference for queer and trans+ college students.

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