Q: Can you guarantee that MBLGTACC will be held in person in October no matter what?

A: We’re optimistic that it will be safe to gather 2,000+ students in October 2021 and will continue to be guided in our current and future decisions by the recommendations of medical and public health experts. However, we cannot make predictions over a year out, and it is not reasonable to guarantee that the timing or format of the conference will not change due to sudden or emerging circumstances that occur over the course of the next 14 months.

Q: Can I attend in October if I graduate in the spring or summer?

A: Absolutely! There is no requirement that attendees be currently enrolled in an educational program to attend. We look forward to welcoming you in October.

Q: When will registration open?

A: Registration will open in spring 2021. We hope this timing will give individual attendees and delegations the flexibility to purchase tickets in either the 2020-21 or 2021-22 academic budget years, or to divide ticket purchases across both.

Q: When will workshops open?

A: Workshop submissions will open in 2021. An update will be provided early next year.

Q: What can you tell me about how the conference will look in October 2021 in different scenarios?

A: We are not medical professionals and we cannot make predictions about the public health conditions and health system capacity over a year out. However, we will listen to those experts and their recommendations will guide our decisions along the way. We will share more information as planning continues and the conference nears.

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