Hosting the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Asexual College Conference (MBLGTACC) is a rewarding adventure presented to one group of student leaders in the Midwest each year, and you could be next. Your journey begins here.

By students, for students

Hosting the annual conference is an incredible opportunity to bring awareness to queer and trans+ experiences on your own campus and in your community. Hosts are selected two years out, through a bidding process open to students at institutions in our 13-state region. Get started by reviewing the information on this page and download our worksheet with the bid form's prompts. Together with fellow students, student leaders, and one or two trusted campus staff members, gauge your community's support and capacity to accomodate and attract nearly 2000 queer and trans+ students to your campus or convention center. As a conference by students and for students, it is imperative that students lead in each aspect of the bid process.


We invite bids from any collaboration or group of students representing a Midwest college or university. Bids may also be created collaboratively between neighboring institutions from the same area.

Students at institutions in the following states are eligible to host MBLGTACC: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Learn more about MBLGTACC history »

It takes a village to make the conference happen, and engagement with local stakeholders (such as resource centers and convention/visitors bureaus) will be an important component of a successful conference. However, bids must be submitted by students. Bids submitted under the names of convention and visitors bureaus will not be considered.

Putting together your bid

Bidding during conference weekend

Your bid will consist of two parts:

  • A bid packet where you'll provide written responses to prompts about your capacity, capital, charge, climate, and committment, and

  • A poster/vision board (using a provided template) that we'll display at the Institute's exhibit table throughout the conference.

Throughout conference weekend, the Institute will be the central hub for attendees to share conference feedback and comment on bid proposals. In addition to online engagement, an Institute table throughout conference weekend will establish a central physical presence for attendees to connect in person.

Bid posters will be displayed near the Institute table, along with copies of the printed proposals. This will provide an opportunity for conference attendees to review proposals and ask questions. Institute team members will help field and answer questions, based on the details provided in conference bid packets.

Additionally, conference bid teams will be invited to a brief (15-20 minute) meeting with Institute team members and relevant stakeholders to discuss their bids, get to know the Institute, and ask questions about the responsibilities of hosting. This will also provide opportunities for the Institute to ask questions of the planning team and ensure student involvement.

Vision board poster

Posters are expected to be submitted using an Institute-provided design template. This will ensure consistency in the presentation of information and accomodate for varying levels of access to designers, in turn enabling attendees and other stakeholders to focus on the substance of your bid. Using this 24x36" horizontal poster template, you will create your vision board for what MBLGTACC would like like if it were hosted in your community. Be sure all images are 300dpi and saved in CMYK colorspace, and submit your poster in both .ppt (or .pptx) and .pdf formats. Do not change fonts or colors from the poster template. Consult the first slide in the vision board template for design specifications and other requirements. The Institute reserves the right to make modificatons to your poster to ensure consistency in appearance.


  • Bid packet questions (submissions closed)

  • Bid poster/vision board template (submissions closed)

  • Submit your bid packet (submissions closed)

  • Submit your bid poster (submissions closed)

Host selection and announcement

While at MBLGTACC in February 2020, conference attendees will have an opportunity to rank their host preferences and provide feedback. This will be done through an electronic process, with a paper option also available at the Institute table.

In conjunction with ranked choices from attendees and stakeholder feedback, the Institute will review bid packets based on a defined rubric. Ultimately, the host will be decided by a collective decision of the Institute, informed by attendee preferences and the rubric scores.

While you will deliver your bid and a host will be selected in February 2020, a public announcement about host selection is embargoed until the final day of MBLGTACC in February 2021, giving a full year to further build out the scope of the conference and make a splash a full year ahead of the conference you could be selected to host. The Institute will lead on an announcement over web, email, and social media, in collaboration with the bid team and local stakeholders, at which time partners are also welcome to publish announcements on their own platforms or point to the Institute's announcement.

Timeline and deadlines

Bids are reviewed and delegation is determined two years prior to the conference in which a bid team would be hosting the conference. If your institution is interested in hosting the conference in 2022, please make note of the following timeline for bid submission and delivery:

  • January 17, 2020: Deadline of notification of intent to bid
    Contact Justin Drwencke at to let us know you'll be submitting a bid. This notification is required so that we can connect around your proposal and provide additional information.

  • February 7, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST / 10:59 PM CST: Bid submission and poster due

  • February 15, 2020: Bids presented in person at MBLGTACC

  • February 2021: MBLGTACC 2022 host announcement

If you have concerns about this deadline or need more information about bidding to host MBLGTACC, contact Justin Drwencke, the Institute's executive director, at

Host agreement

Your intent to bid for the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Asexual College Conference serves as your confirmation that you agree to the terms and conditions described in the Institute’s host agreement.

This host agreement will be will be provided to the awarded host institution’s representatives at the conference in full detail. Here is an overview of the host agreement:

  • Hosting the conference is a privilege granted by the Institute. Hosts will have reign to conceptualize their conference content, theme, and programming at the advisement and in collaboration with the Institute.

  • A campus relations coordinator will be assigned to the Host to provide tailored advising, support, and liaise to the Institute.

  • Host is expected to maintain constant and transparent communication with its campus relations coordinator throughout the two year planning and implementation process.

  • Host is expected to adhere to the goals and learning outcomes of MBLGTACC when conceptualizing, designing and executing the conference.

  • Host is expected to adhere to the brand standards, or established guidelines for imagery, logos, fonts, and other design elements provided by the Institute.

  • Institute will provide social media platforms, email, website, and registration tools with the expectation that Host will manage and utilize these resources.

  • Host will agree to a Code for Inclusion mapped out in the host agreement documents.


Bids to host the 30th annual conference in 2022 have now closed. A selection will be formally announced in Summer 2021.

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