Exhibitor Fair

Connecting with nonprofits, queer and trans+ shops, and schools

At MBLGTACC 2020's exhibitor fair (listed in the schedule as Resource and Career Fair), meet and learn about local, Midwest, and national organizations, businesses, and higher ed institutions. We'll also be welcoming on-site merchandise sales by approved vendors. The resource and career fair will be held on Saturday, February 15 from 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM in Sangren Hall. As exhibitors are registered, we’ll add them to a roster below.

Photo credit: Ed Negron

Tabling at MBLGTACC 2020

Our Exhibitor and Career Fair is an amazing opportunity for attendees to connect with businesses, colleges, and organizations from the Midwest. We're excited to share our Exhibitor and Career Fair partners for MBLGTACC 2020!




Chicago State University

Club Vortex

Cooley Law School (WMU campus)

Earlham School of Religion


Grand Rapids Trans Foundation

HMHF Group

ILIFF School of Theology



Michigan Student Power

Midwest Institute for Sexuality and Gender Diversity

OutFront (Kalamazoo)

Peace Corps

Pidgeon Pagonis


Planned Parenthood of Michigan

Progressive Threads Foundation

Queer Comics Peddler

Robyn Ochs

Saeed Jones

Saint Louis University - School of Law

Sariah Metcalfe

Smith College

Stewie's Got Pride

The Silence Shoot

Trans Stellar Film Festival

Transfigure Print Co.


TREES, inc

United Church of Christ

United Way

University of Nebraska at Kearney

University of Tulsa

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Graduate School

Western Michigan University - College of Business

Western Michigan University - College of Education and Human Development

Western Michigan University - College of Fine Arts

Western Michigan University - Division of Student Affairs

Western Michigan University - Marketing and Communications

Western Student Association (WMU student government)

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