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Make an impact: Support MBLGTACC

For 28 years, the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Asexual College Conference (MBLGTACC) has brought together students from around the United States for a few days each year to learn and grow through the knowledge and experiences of others. In the course of a weekend, a student can attend half-a-dozen workshops, catch keynotes by activists and thought leaders, meet with nonprofit leaders and grad school admissions representatives, and bear witness to the talent of locally and nationally competitive drag performers. All of this is made possible, in part, through the generous support of our friends, community partners, and corporate sponsors.

Your support of MBLGTACC will mean two important things. First, all of this work will be possible. As a all-volunteer student planning team, all gifts to MBLGTACC will go directly toward programming, resources, and operations that support the conference and our students. Second, you’ll be advancing our commitment to economic justice. We pledge to make our programs accessible to all students and young leaders regardless of their financial means. We'll limit costs for participation and materials, and make additional support available to those with limited access to resources. Your support turns this commitment into action.

Want to support us without being a sponsor? Become a donor! Every little bit counts! Donate to MBLGTACC today and help support LGBTQA+ Midwest students. $5, $10, $25, it all makes a difference!

There are several ways to support MBLGTACC:

Each level of sponsorship builds on the prior tier, and sponsorships of $2,500 or more receive complimentary ad space to show our appreciation and help place your ad in front of 2,000+ attendees. Your support makes a difference in the lives of thousands of LGBTQIA+ college students in the Midwest. How will you support this extraordinary conference and its attendees?




Program ad


American Robin
Robins appear the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Their songs, like the mission of MBLGTACC, signify bright future months of change and renewal.

Name listed on website



Bergamot is a rich fruit that heals and uplifts with its medicinal qualities. As it has been anciently known to protect the heart and aid in emotional stability, a gift of Bergamot rejuvenates our community from the heart.

+Name listed in program



Painted Turtle
Painted turtles are often found basking peacefully together in the sun in a group known as a “bale.” The brilliant colors on their shell are unique to each individual, representing the vibrant spectrum of the queer community that is working together to envision the future.

+Vendor table



Copper oxidizes to create a gentle green patina that protects the metal underneath from harsh elements, just as the LGBTQ+ community creates a safe space for diversity. Copper’s sizzling electric conductivity represents a community is energized by your positive contribution.


⅛ page ad


Apple Blossom
These delicate pink blossoms of Michigan’s state flower transform into a giving tree that is rich with nourishing fruit. With this gift, we work together to nurture and empower the budding knowledge of students so they may be prepared to face the current climate in full bloom.

+Logo on T-Shirt

¼ page ad


Petoskey Stone
Petoskey stones look like ordinary limestone until they are polished or wet, which is when they reveal their true nature as a spiral fossil shell. Just as the waters of Lake Michigan create a clear view of the petoskey stone, we strive to maintain humility while we uncover our own blind spots and realize how we can best represent a marginalized community.

+Advertising on website

½ page ad


Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Herons have a wingspan of up 6 feet that lifts them up and leaves a massive silhouette below them as they soar in the sky. Their powerful wings allow them to migrate enormous distances, just as how your gift will provide visibility and empowerment to the LGBTQ+ community members that have traveled across the country to this transformative conference.

+Ad/flyer/coupon in swag bag

Full page ad

Join the Resource and Career Fair as an exhibitor

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at MBLGTACC 2020. While we are still accepting sponsorships, we are unable to accommodate additional exhibit tables.

Each year, 2000+ LGBTQIA+ college students from the Midwest spend a Saturday going through the Resource and Career Fair at MBLGTACC. This event provides exhibitors the opportunity to reach student leaders and active members of the Midwest community. Organizations at the Resource and Career Fair typically seek to promote opportunities, sell merchandise, or reach out to an amazing group of college students and their advisors. What will your organization do with this amazing opportunity?

  • Hours of operation: Saturday (Feb. 15) 10:00am - 4:30pm
  • Set-up time: Earliest at 8:00am, please arrive by 9:00am
  • Location: Sangren Hall

Need special arrangements? Please respond to outreach you've received in your email about the tabling process.

Interested in having a table at the Resource and Career Fair? Want to reach an audience of 2,000+ LGBTQIA+ students? This is the opportunity for you!

View a list of other exhibitors here.

Exhibitor pricing

All exhibit spaces come with one 8' table and two folding chairs. Exhibitors are responsible for supplying any desired table linens. Exhibit spaces are in prominent, high-traffic locations, and exhibitors are responsible for the security and storage of their property.


Organization Type


WMU organizations/departments


Higher ed institution offices/departments &
Small Non-Profits (less than $100k annual budget)


Large non-profit organizations ($100k+ annual budget)


Small businesses &
Organizations selling items at the fair



Advertise in the MBLGTACC program guide

Thank you for your interest in advertising at MBLGTACC 2020. While we are still accepting sponsorships, we are unable to accommodate additional advertisements.

Each year, MBLGTACC creates a beautiful program guide that attendees use throughout the weekend and often keep as souvenirs. Ad space in the program guide offers conference supporters the chance to share information about their organizations, academic programs, and offerings. What word will you spread with your ad in the program guide?

Check out our past program puides on the MBLGTACC History website!

Ad space packages

Ad space package prices are based on size for the MBLGTACC program guide. Ads must be submitted to Kate Miller as a press-ready PDF with crop marks and .125" bleed space on all sides. All ads will be printed in color. For best results, be sure your ad is in the CMYK colorspace and exported at 300 dpi or higher.





⅛ page

4.25"W x 2.75"H with .125" bleed on all sides


¼ page

4.25"W x 5.5"H with .125" bleed on all sides


½ page

8.5"W x 5.5"H with .125" bleed on all sides


Full page

8.5"W x 11"H with .125" bleed on all sides

Swag bag inserts

If you are interested in placing an item in conference attendee swag bags, please contact us for custom pricing.

More information

If you have any questions about any of the above information, please contact us.

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