Location Policies

Learn about our location and how its policies can impact you

Every conference location is different, resulting in constantly changing policies, expectations, and impacts on our attendees. While we work tirelessly to ensure each location is welcoming, some policies can impact attendees in unforseen ways. Please be sure to review this year's policies in advance of traveling to the conference.

What to know about accessibility at MBLGTACC

Firearm laws

We ask in the interest of everyone's comfort and wellbeing that no firearm be brought into our conference spaces. Though handgun laws in Michigan permit open carry and licensed concealed carry, firearms or other deadly/dangerous weapons will not be allowed at MBLGTACC at Western Michigan University as per campus policy. If any attendee is observed carrying a firearm or weapon while participating in MBLGTACC, they will be asked to leave the premises.


Marijuana, including medical marijuana, is not permitted on campus at Western Michigan University. In Michigan, you must be 21 to possess marijuana.

Tobacco and Smoking

Tobacco is not permitted on campus at Western Michigan University unless used in a personal vehicle. Per Western Michigan University policy: "The use of tobacco products is not permitted indoors or outdoors on any University property. Tobcco products are defined to include the following: cigarettes, electronic-cigarettes, cigars, bidis, snuff, snus, water pipes, pipes, hookahs, chew and any other non-combustible tobacco products."

Medical Amnesty

Per Western Michigan Policy: "To better ensure that minors at medical risk as a result of alcohol intoxication or individuals at medical risk of an overdose of any controlled substance, including a prescription drug, will receive prompt and appropriate medical attention, the State of Michigan provides for medical amnesty to remove perceived barriers to calling for or seeking help.”

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